How to be productive when working from home and finding the elusive work-life balance

  1. Schedule everything. This includes work-related meetings, gym time, and family time. In this way, you’ll treat every item on your meeting calendar as an essential event and work harder to achieve the task. Yes, even date night and time with friends must be scheduled.
  2. Find a rhythm that satisfies your work life and your personal life. Work-life balance doesn’t mean that you spend equal time at work and home, it’s about fulfilment. For instance, we need to stop trying to compartmentalize work and home life. My partner had to take his child with him on some deliveries and during or after trips, they would find fun activities to do. This just stresses the fact that your work and home lives will mix. His child also got to see some aspects of his business too and gained more understanding of what her dad did. He actively included her in some of the fun aspects of running the business.
  3. Reduce the amount of time you spend doing low-value activities. This could be anything from reducing time spent on social media and personal calls. You could try and outsource some activities by hiring other people to assist with your errands. As an example, rather than going out to do grocery shopping, use grocery delivery services like Washesha.
  4. Find healthy ways to cope with stress. This could be as simple as practicing deep breathing. “Put one hand on your stomach and another on your chest. Begin to breathe in deeply from the abdomen to fill your lungs with your air. As you slowly inhale and exhale, focus on the rise and fall of your abdomen.” This will help calm you down and divert your mind from the stress. Other things you could do are taking a walk, taking part in physical activities as suggested in the previous blog, or gardening amongst others.
  5. Have a support structure that provides a safe space for you to vent, bounce ideas, or just sharing interesting stories you encounter as an entrepreneur. Having a support structure is essential and this is what got me through some of my darkest times as an entrepreneur.



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Kutlwano Hutamo

Kutlwano Hutamo

An adventurers scientist/MBA graduate navigating entrepreneurship and wellness. Semi legal eagle.