Can gardening relieve stress?

Green pepper plant. Boy was this delicious!
Jack and the beanstalk. These beans were grown from seed and were just so juicy.
Cherry tomatoes.
Stirfry loading. One of my favourite dishes to make using ingredients from my garden.
A prawn dish I was inspired to cook.
My plants when they’re well taken care of.
The spinach and spring onions were the only plants to survive over 5 months of neglect.
An obscure plant growing in a once lush crate that was neglected for several months. I suspect it’s radish.
Celebrating the small wins. The fact that I was motivated to revive my garden is a big deal.
The eternal mint plant.
Bottoms up! G&T garnished with mint from my garden.



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Kutlwano Hutamo

Kutlwano Hutamo

An adventurers scientist/MBA graduate navigating entrepreneurship and wellness. Semi legal eagle.