Delegation is self-care and it’s important for your health!

Prague Astronomical clock: Installed in 1410 in the old Town Hall, it is the world’s third oldest astronomical clock and the world’s oldest clock that still works.
A statue of Franz Kafka in the Jewish Quarter of Prague. The statue depicts Kafka on the shoulders of a headless giant, this is in reference to one of his books.
St Vitus Cathedral: The largest and most important church in the Czech Republic. It contains the tombs of Bohemian kings and holy Roman Emperors. It is part of the Prague Castle complex.
Views from atop the Charles Bridge, the second oldest standing bridge in the Czech Republic.
Aerial view of Paris from the top of the Arc de Triomphe.
Pot-au-feu: A traditional French dish made mostly during cold weather.



An adventurers scientist/MBA graduate navigating entrepreneurship and wellness. Semi legal eagle.

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